New! ValkScreenDrive

No working screen system without a drive!!
Welcome to this series of news releases in which we present our innovative drive system ValkScreenDrive, the most versatile drive system for screen installations. 

In the next six parts, we will highlight one essential part of the system each time, with practical tips to optimise your greenhouse performance.


ValkScreenDrive | Unique Components

 View our unique components within the ValkScreenDrive here.

Part 1: ValkDriveShaft | X-reduced
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Part 2: ValkBearingBracket 2.0
ValkBearingBracket 2.0
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Part 3: ValkWireTensioner + ValkWireSleeve
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Got curious?

We would be happy to invite you to our office or visit you with the updated ValkDemoCase, in which you can see and assess all the individual components.