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‘I love the Valk motto of always going for a 10 out of 10. That’s also my mindset.’

Ahmed El Joghrafi
Warehouse Manager

"Everyone is open to discussion and/or improvement, from colleagues in production to management"

Daniëlle van Poelgeest
Office Manager

‘Always innovating and scaling up projects in this industry is what makes my job so interesting.’

Jack Vijverberg
Sales Office Manager

‘Great atmosphere and morale: if you have that, the company runs like a well-oiled machine.’

Ihab Abed
Production Manager

‘I think we can be proud of what we are pulling off together.’

Diana Menheer
Marketing & Communications Manager

‘I love scheduling orders in a way that ensures we’re making the most of our time and material.’

René van Veldhoven
Machine Operator

"There is a nice working atmosphere where people come first."

Micha van Dasler
Account Manager Export

"I appreciate the nice colleagues and the opportunities you get here to grow with the company"

Sharon Devilee
Senior HR Staff member

'Coming to a solution and turning it into a marketable product is what I enjoy most about the job.'

Vincent Prins
R&D Manager