Always the right winding at the right tension!

This week you will receive the third part of our six-part mailing series on our innovative drive system ValkScreenDrive.

In this series, we each highlight one key component of the system and explain how a recent update has made it even better prepared for today's and tomorrow's technological challenges.

In part 1, we told you all about the ValkDriveShaft and part 2 focussed on the ValkBearingBracket 2.0. In this mail, we would like to tell you more about the ValkWireTensioner (the wire tensioner) and the ValkWireSleeve (the winding sleeve).

What can you expect? 

What do tensioning and a winding devices do?

In greenhouses, screens are driven by motors to open or close them. With the tensioner, you ensure that the drive (or: pull) wires for opening and closing are set to the correct tension. This ensures even screen operation and prevents uneven wear of the screen installation.

A winding sleeve is a black ‘drum’ that clamps around the wire tensioner. It ensures that, when opening and closing a screen, the wire winds up and down in a perfectly straight line with the correct number of windings.

What make the ValkWireTensioner and ValkWireSleeve unique?

  • Perfect fit
    The ValkWireTensioner fits perfectly to the 2-inch drive shaft, the ValkDriveShaft (see part 1). Its fixation in a triangle creates a guaranteed immovable anchorage and alignment.
  • Prevention of damage
    The stainless steel pull wire is secured with a knot on the inside of the ValkWireTensioner (winding sleeve). This prevents ‘snagging’ in the screen fabric.
  • Never crooked again
    Thanks to a redesign of the ValkWireSleeve, the pull wire is guided so well in the grooves of the winding sleeve that crooked winding is impossible.
  • Longer service life
    Thanks to the good conductivity, the stainless steel pull wire lasts longer.
  • Ease of assembly
    The ValkWireSleeve is equipped with holes that indicate when the correct number of windings has been reached. That's handy, isn't it?

Interested in a demo?

We would be happy to invite you to our office or visit you with the updated ValkDemoCase, in which you can see and assess all the individual components.

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