ValkTrussRail | Standard ventilation capacity

‘Next Generation Growing’ has meanwhile become part of many a grower’s cultivation strategy. It stands for optimising production while reducing energy consumption.

The key elements of it are the following:

  • Moisture control under the screen
  • More frequent and longer use of screen cloths
  • Better handle on CO2 thanks to less natural ventilation 

Ventilation accuracy is crucial for Next Generation Growing. Van der Valk Horti Systems’ ValkTrussRail ventilation mechanism prevents ventilation windows from misaligning and not closing properly and ensures extremely uniform ventilation openings, making it the ideal solution for climate security for a greenhouse’s entire service life.

ValkVentDrive: The right drive system for any Venlo greenhouse


The ValkTrussRail ventilation mechanism is calculated completely for each situation using the unique WinTop calculation program, which was developed in partnership with TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.

Based on various variables (the geometry of the roof, the maximum local wind load, the required opening angle, etc.), all factors that may affect the system’s reliability are calculated. Such factors include the required structural strength, clearance between the mechanism and the roof structure, and the position of the rail consoles and rack and pinions.

Read what our partners say about their experiences with our company and our systems.

We can, of course, tell you all about how great our product is, but we prefer to leave that to our partners, who have been using our systems for years. Read here what they think about the ValkTrussRail!

Customer testimonial

‘The ValkTrussRail system is an integral part of our designs, because it lets us guarantee the very best quality for our customers.’


Customer testimonial

‘Thanks to the innovative essence and high-quality products of Van der Valk Horti Systems., we have been able to raise our game in providing our customers with the very best horticulture greenhouses.’

Maurice Kassenbouw

Customer testimonial

We like working with Van der Valk Horti Systems. They believe in their product, they innovate, and any problems are solved in no time.

Luiten Greenhouses

Customer testimonial

The materials that Van der Valk Horti Systems supplies are of good quality. Deliveries are virtually always complete. In case of damage or when we need to act fast, it is very convenient that they have always numbered the parts ordered in advance. For us, they are a reliable partner to work with.

Saarlucon Gewächshausbau

Customer testimonial

Dalsem builds and relies on Van der Valk Horti Systems. It is with good reason that we at Dalsem have been procuring our screen materials and ventilation mechanisms from Van der Valk Horti Systems to our full satisfaction for so many years.


Customer testimonial

The ValkTrussRail system gives us the confidence that the ventilation mechanism in our projects offers the same quality and reliability as we pursue for the whole greenhouse.


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