ValkGableVision | For those who want to go one step further

Roller gable screens, i.e. vertical screens, are used for various purposes, such as for extra energy savings, sun shading, darkening, and to limit light emission of assimilation light.

The ValkGableVision system can be integrated completely into the greenhouse structure. Combined with a horizontal system, you can create even more constant, horizontal temperature distribution in your greenhouse. In wide-roof greenhouses, this system is used as a roof roll-up screen, enabling you to utilise the maximum volume of the greenhouse for a constant climate.

Twin roller gable screens are used as, for example, partition screens between two sections in a greenhouse to create (temporary) climate zones. Given that two screens are rolled up at the same time, one ValkGableTube can screen off greater heights than standard gable screens. 

For a faster and cleaner result, ValkGableVision uses the most advanced technique by inserting the screen cloth using cloth strings instead of attaching it using cloth clips.

Fast Clean Safe Flexible

ValkScreenDrive: the right drive for this system

Roller tube drive

Suitable for any type of greenhouse Motors required (can be purchased externally)

How does it work?

Works using a roller tube and motor.
The motorised roller tube moves back and forth to open and close the screen cloth.

Twin roller tube drive

Suitable for any type of greenhouse Motors required (can be purchased externally)

How does it work?

Works using a twin roller tube and motor.
The motorised twin roller tube moves back and forth to open and close the screen cloth.

Read what our partners say about their experiences with our company and our systems.

We can, of course, tell you all about how great our product is, but we prefer to leave that to our partners, who have been using our systems for years.

Customer testimonial

Van der Valk Horti Systems has a good-quality lightweight ventilation mechanism and actively listens to our feedback and offers smart solutions.

Gakon Netafim

Customer testimonial

Dalsem builds and relies on Van der Valk Horti Systems. It is with good reason that we at Dalsem have been procuring our screen materials and ventilation mechanisms from Van der Valk Horti Systems to our full satisfaction for so many years.


Customer testimonial

The materials that Van der Valk Horti Systems supplies are of good quality. Deliveries are virtually always complete. In case of damage or when we need to act fast, it is very convenient that they have always numbered the parts ordered in advance. For us, they are a reliable partner to work with.

Saarlucon Gewächshausbau

Customer testimonial

‘For Van der Valk Systemen, being a good partner is in their DNA. An authentic company with great core values and people. Our collaboration with them since 1990 has been good all around, they are always at the forefront of what they do and aim for the best of the best in screen systems.’

SchermNed screening and insect mesh

Customer testimonial

‘I don’t see Van der Valk Horti Systems as a mere screen material supplier, but rather as a partner who helps me from the very first enquiry through to the completion of projects in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

All the components supplied are easy to install and guarantee a well-functioning screen system for my customers. They have taken the concept of making life easier for their customers to the next level!’

Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties

Customer testimonial

‘Thanks to the innovative essence and high-quality products of Van der Valk Horti Systems., we have been able to raise our game in providing our customers with the very best horticulture greenhouses’

Maurice Kassenbouw

Customer testimonial

We like working with Van der Valk Horti Systems.
They are committed to their product, they innovate, and they resolve any problems in no time.

Luiten Greenhouses

Customer testimonial

We believe that Van der Valk has the premier greenhouse shade and roof opening systems in the industry. We are very fortunate to be distributors of their product and we have an amazing working relationship with them when it comes to problem solving. Highest recommendation.

Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company

Customer testimonial

‘ValkTriplePlus stands for high quality and easy installation for us. A1 Group also stands for high quality, which is why we have opted to use this system as our standard system. Additionally, existing components can be used in this system, making life even easier for us when it comes to installation.’

A1 Group

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