ValkHortiPlanner | Free, online, and easy to use

The ValkHortiPlanner calculation tool lets you calculate the price of a ValkPoly+ screen system for your or your customer’s poly greenhouse in no time. Want a clear overview of the screen system you have planned? And/or want to show this clear overview to your customer to be able to explain the details of the screen system? Create a project report in ValkHortiPlanner!

Easily calculate your screen systems for poly greenhouses Fast and detailed project calculation Completely free

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go to

Log in or create an account. Create a new project or open an existing project. Enter the project details and then the details of the greenhouse. Select the type of screen system and drive system you want and your floor plan is done!

Step 2: Adjust the floor plan

Use ‘Adjust floor plan’ to add further specifics to the floor plan.

You can add recesses in the shape of the greenhouse, for example. Next, draw the screen sections. Done? Click ‘Save and calculate’.

Step 3: Select 'Bill of materials'

Select ‘Bill of Materials’ and ‘Project report’ for a complete run-down of all the materials, including a quote.

Ready to be downloaded and sent to your customer!