ValkScreenDrive - Product Update | Part 1

No working screen system without a drive!

Welcome to our mailing series in which we present our innovative drive system ValkScreenDrive, the most versatile drive system for screen installations. 

In the next six parts, we will highlight one essential part of the system each time, with practical tips to optimise your greenhouse performance.

Already curious? We would be happy to invite you to our office or come to you with the updated ValkDemoCase, in which you can see and evaluate all the individual components.

What can you expect? 

Part 1 | ValkDriveShaft > the Drive shaft

Part 2 | ValkBearingBracket > the Bearing bracket
Part 3 | ValkWireTensioner + ValkWireSleeve > the Wire tensioner + Wire sleeve
Part 4 | ValkKliMax > the Slipping component 
Part 5 | ValkReversingWheel > the Reversing wheel 
Part 6 | ValkPulley > the Pulley

Today the spotlights are turned on the ValkDriveShaft. This drive shaft is indispensable for opening and closing the climate screens for precise regulation of sunlight, light emission, ventilation, heat and humidity on the crop. Let’s go into its unique features!

What does a drive shaft do?

The ValkDriveShaft takes care of the winding up and unwinding of the pull wires, which are attached to the climate screens. This enables smooth movement and precise positioning to maintain the desired climate conditions in the greenhouse or to create an optimal growth climate.

What makes the ValkDriveShaft unique?

  • Maximal protection against corrosion
    The steel drive shaft has been given an innovative coating against corrosion/ oxidation by air and moisture.
  • Minimal torsion (twisting)
    The coating allows the shaft to be moulded more precisely into an X-reduction (narrowing). This gives it a better fit and thus minimizes twisting of the shafts after coupling.
  • Easy to link
    This X-reduction allows the axes to fit together easily and be secured with a bolt connection.
  • No more welding
    The drive shaft was the only component of the entire screen installation that required welding. Now that’s unnecessary with the ValkDriveShaft X-reduction! Of course, it can also be supplied with welded-on sprocket.
  • For new and existing greenhouses
    The ValkDriveShaft is available in different lengths, making it ideal for both new and existing greenhouses.
  • Perfect for combining
    This innovation forms a perfect combination with our ValkWireTensioner and ValkBearingBracket, about which more later!

Order right away? That’s possible! 

Here’s the overview of the available sizes, including article numbers and direct ordering possibilities.

  • 528858604000 | Verz. ValkDriveShaft 2” X-Reduced hoh 4000 mm
  • 528858606400 | Verz. ValkDriveShaft 2” X-Reduced hoh 6400 mm
  • 528858608000 | Verz. ValkDriveShaft 2” X-Reduced hoh 8000 mm

Motor shafts with 1 side X-reduced and 1 side with sprocket for various motor suppliers and type of motors on request.

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We would be happy to invite you to our office or visit you with the updated ValkDemoCase, in which you can see and assess all the individual components.

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