Reversing with ease!

This week, you will receive the fifth part of our six-part series on our innovative drive system ValkScreenDrive.

In this series, we each highlight one key component of the system and explain how a recent update has made it even better prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s technological challenges.

Part 1 was about the ValkDriveShaft, part 2 about the ValkBearingBracket 2.0, part 3 about the ValkWireTensioner and the ValkWireSleeve and part 4 about the ValkKliMax. Today, it's time for the next highlight: the ValkReversingWheel.

The advantage of aluminium

You may already know that we carry out our ValkReversingWheel in an aluminium body. A great advantage of this is the fact that we can easily and quickly produce different qualitative variants, without the need and risks of time-consuming additional operations, such as welding and galvanization.

What makes ValkReversingWheel unique?

1. Variant with double reversing wheel: convenience!

With the ValkReversingWheel double, the wheels are staggered. When mounting a ValkKliMax directly under the screen profile, an extension plate was necessary to prevent the reversing wheel and slipping component from touching. In our model, this is not necessary!

2. Variant double reversing wheel: durability!

With the ValkReversingWheel double, the polyester wire can be positioned in the middle between the two reversing wheels, right above the draw wire. This maintains distance between the screen cloth and the pull wire, reducing the risk of the screen cloth sagging and touching the pull wire. Wear and tear of the screen cloth is thus prevented!

3. Variant with multiple screen installations: convenience!

When you need to mount more than two screen installations in a row, a mirrored version of the ValkReversingWheel is required. A special variant has been developed for this purpose: the double ValkReversingWheen GREY.
Installation tip: the screen plate at the gable ends must be provided with an additional hole (marked yellow) for mounting the ValkReversingWheel screen plate.

4. Variant with Ø130 mm reversing wheel: durability!

When designing the ValkReversingWheel, we took into account the possibility of equipping it with a Ø100 mm or Ø130 mm reversing wheel. Using a Ø130 mm reversing wheel has the advantage that the stainless steel 7x7 Ø3 mm pull wires are reversed over a larger radius, making them less likely to break.

Interested in a demo?

We would be happy to invite you to our office or visit you with the updated ValkDemoCase, in which you can see and assess all the individual components.

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