ValkPoly+ | The most complete screen system for poly greenhouses

Are you a screen fitter for poly greenhouses? If so, you face a challenge time and time again. How do you put together the best system from our large range of screen products? How do you make the right choice, both for yourself and for the grower?

You want to offer growers a screen system that lets them regulate the climate in their greenhouse just that little bit better. So that their crop grows just that little bit better.

And what you want for yourself is something that makes your life easier. No endless calculations with different products from different suppliers, because you generally do not have a lot of time to work out a project. And you want to stay ahead of the competition with a reliable product, quick quote, and a competitive price.

Just imagine that you could offer a complete screen system in no time, including detailed project calculation, through one single channel. Wouldn’t that be ideal?

Look no further and meet ValkPoly+: high-quality hardware at a competitive price and free, user-friendly calculation software.

More complete Stronger More cost-effective Includes free software

ValkScreenDrive: The right screen drive system for any poly greenhouse

With three different drive types to choose from, you will always get the right system for your greenhouse!

Push/pull drive system

Suitable for any type of poly greenhouse Racks required (to be purchased externally) No load on greenhouse gables

How does it work?

Works using a push/pull tube and rack.
The push/pull tube moves to either side on a rack to open and close the screen cloth.

Pull wire drive system

More affordable Powers larger screen sections with a less powerful motor Greenhouse must be able to withstand this system’s forces

How does it work?

Works using a steel pull wire and ValkPolyCord. This ‘cord’ can be wound around a thinner drive shaft that can be powered using a less powerful motor.

Semi-push/pull drive system

Cost-effective and compatible with any type of greenhouse Powers larger screen sections with a less powerful motor Without a rack No load on greenhouse gables

How does it work?

Works using the push/pull tube and ValkPolyCord.
Combines the benefits of a push/pull system with those of a pull wire system.

Watch our videos to find out more about the ValkPoly+

Part 1: The Challenge | Do you install screen cloths for poly greenhouses?
Part 2 - The Basis | Stronger, more cost-effective & more durable 
Part 3 - The drive | Less powerful motor = less costs
Part 4 - The versatility | Less research, less stock
Part 5 - The software | Free, web-based, and user-friendly
Part 6 - The conclusion | Where innovation and cost savings come together

Read what our partners say about their experiences with our company and our systems.

We can, of course, tell you all about how great our product is, but we prefer to leave that to our partners, who have been using our systems for years.

Customer testimonial

‘Thanks to the innovative essence and high-quality products of Van der Valk Horti Systems., we have been able to raise our game in providing our customers with the very best horticulture greenhouses’

Maurice Kassenbouw

Customer testimonial

‘I don’t see Van der Valk Horti Systems as a mere screen material supplier, but rather as a partner who helps me from the very first enquiry through to the completion of projects in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

All the components supplied are easy to install and guarantee a well-functioning screen system for my customers. They have taken the concept of making life easier for their customers to the next level!’

Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties

Customer testimonial

‘For Van der Valk Systemen, being a good partner is in their DNA. An authentic company with great core values and people. Our collaboration with them since 1990 has been good all around, they are always at the forefront of what they do and aim for the best of the best in screen systems.’

SchermNed screening and insect mesh

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