Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

People, Planet, Profit (PPP) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Whatever you want to call it, the essence is that you run a business from the heart. It means that you seek to strike a balance in everything you do for profitpeople and the planet

At Van der Valk Systemen - and its sales organisations Van der Valk Horti Systems and Van der Valk Solar Systems - we are committed to that. It is how we can contribute to building a great future for all. 

What is also important to us is that we accurately inform our business partners across the horticulture industry (Van der Valk Horti Systems) and across the solar industry (Van der Valk Solar Systems) of our efforts in this respect. On this page, we will tell you all about how we ‘run our business from the heart.’

Sheltered workshops | Outsourcing

Marcel van der Voort | Outsourcing Manager at Van der Valk Systemen
‘It’s a win-win situation. Outsourcing some of our work to sheltered workshops enables us to focus on our core activities and enables people at these sheltered workshops to further develop themselves.’

Environmental management | ISO 14001

Paul van der Meer |  ISO Certification Project Manager and QHSE Coordinator
‘ISO 14001 certification allows us to show that we make our products responsibly and meet the international standard.’

Waste management

Robert van Veen |  Facilities Manager
’Our roll packer compacts our wood waste to such an extent that we have been able to reduce wood transports from 1 every 10 days to 6 per year. This has brought both costs and carbon emissions down.’

Sustainable procurement

Paul van Helden | Purchasing Manager  
‘Pulling together to reduce our dependency on scarce, costly raw materials and the volatile raw materials market will make us all stronger.’