ValkScreenDrive - Product Update | Part 2

ValkBearingBracket 2.0: guiding at a high level!

You recently received the first part of our six-part mailing series about our innovative drive system ValkScreenDrive. 

In this series, we each highlight one essential part of the system, give you tips and share insights to optimise greenhouse performance.

In part 1, we told you all about the ValkDriveShaft. Today, the spotlight is on the ValkBearingBracket 2.0.

This new bearing evolved from our new drive shaft. Due to the innovative coating it has received, its surface is completely smooth. This paved the way for the development of a plastic variant bearing, the ValkBearingBracket 2.0, with unique advantages!

What does a bearing do?

The bearing plays an essential role in driving screen systems. By reducing friction and distributing loads evenly, the bearing contributes to system efficiency, reliability and service life.

What makes the ValkBearingBracket 2.0 unique?

  • More durable
    The plastic sliding bearing prevents cutting of the drive shaft, resulting in less wear and a longer life of the system.
  • Smoother
    Thanks to the advanced sliding technology, the bearing operates remarkably smoothly and efficiently.
  • More resistant
    Because the shaft is completely enclosed in the sliding bearing, it is more resistant to the forces of the ValkDriveShaft.
  • Easier to mount
    The bearing can be opened, making mounting the drive shaft and/or replacing the bearing a simple job.
  • Less maintenance
    The ValkBearingBracket 2.0 requires less maintenance, so you can count on less downtime and more operational hours.
  • More affordable
    In addition to these unique features, the updated bearing is also more affordable than its predecessor! 

Tips for professionals

  • You can mount the ValkBearingBracket and the ValkBearingBracket 2.0 to the greenhouse construction using bolted connections. If they need to be fixed freely in the truss, you can use a ValkBearingSupport. This allows you to mount the ValkBearingBracket at the correct position in the truss.
  • Is drilling into the steel construction not possible or permitted? Then the ValkBearingSupport clamp variant is an excellent alternative. It is also available in a variant suitable for a double screen.
  • We customise all ValkBearingSupport variants for the right truss height.

Order ValkBearingBracket 2.0 right away? That’s possible! 

View the overview of available sizes including part numbers and order directly.

  • 448216–Alu. ValkBearingBracket 2.0 
  • 448212–Alu. ValkBearingBracket 2.0 Clamp 50&60 mm
  • 448213–Alu. ValkBearingBracket 2.0 Clamp 80&100 mm

ValkBearingBracket 8 bearings

448214 – Alu. ValkBearingBracket
448228 – Alu. ValkBearingBracketClamp 50&60 mm
448233 – Alu. ValkBearingBracketClamp 80&100 mm


The ValkBearingSupport can be ordered via item numbers:

  • 4482100300 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=300 mm
  • 4482100350 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=350 mm
  • 4482100400 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=400 mm
  • 4482100450 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=450 mm
  • 4482100500 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=500 mm
  • 4482100550 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=550 mm
  • 4482100600 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=600 mm
  • 4482100650 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=650 mm
  • 4482100700 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=700 mm
  • 4482100750 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=750 mm
  • 4482100800 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=800 mm
  • 4482100850 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=850 mm
  • 4482100900 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=900 mm
  • 4482100950 Verz. ValkBearingSupport 50x5 mm L=950 mm
  • 4482110300 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 350
  • 4482110400 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 400
  • 4482110450 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 450
  • 4482110500 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 500
  • 4482110550 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 550
  • 4482110600 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 600
  • 4482110650 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 650
  • 4482110680 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 680
  • 4482110700 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 700
  • 4482110750 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm - 750
  • 4482110800 Verz. ValkBearingSupport dubbel 50x5 mm – 800

The item is custom-made for your truss, so other sizes are also possible.

Counter plate

And the counter plate is also available for all clamp versions:

  • 448229 – Verz. contraplaatValkBearingBracketClamp 50&60 mm
  • 448230 – Verz. contraplaatValkBearingBracketClamp 80&100 mm


Ask Micha for a product presentation! He will be happy to receive you or visit you with our updated ValkDemoCase.

What can you expect? 

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-> Part 2 | ValkBearingBracket > the Bearing bracket
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Part 4 | ValkKliMax > the Slipping component 
Part 5 | ValkReversingWheel > the Reversing wheel 
Part 6 | ValkPulley > the Pulley

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