Sliding with great power!

Here you go: the fourth part of our six-part series on our innovative drive system ValkScreenDrive.

In this series, we each highlight one key component of the system and explain how a recent update has made it even better prepared for today's and tomorrow's technological challenges.

Part 1 was about the ValkDriveShaft, part 2 about the ValkBearingBracket 2.0 and part 3 about the ValkWireTensioner and the ValkWireSleeve. In this fourth part, we zoom in on the ValkKliMax (the slip blocks).

What can you expect? 

What do slip blocks do?

Slip blocks, play an important role in the operation of screen systems in greenhouses.

Slip blocks assist in the stable and precise positioning of the screens. They ensure that the screens move evenly and without jerks or hiccups, which is essential for uniform light distribution and for setting even gaps against condensation or heat dissipation.

Slip blocks also provide controlled sliding resistance between the movable and fixed parts of the screen installation. It pulls the screen fabric open to the smallest possible fabric package with controlled forces on the greenhouse structure.

Upgrade 1: Colourful improvement

Last year, we made a colour change to our Slide slip blocks. On the ValkKliMax Slide 6 kg slip block, we have replaced the traditional blank spring with a blue spring and on the ValkKliMax Slide 9 kg slip block, the red spring has given way to a black one. This allows you to better distinguish the ValkKliMax Slide slip blocks from the standard ValkKliMax slip blocks.

Upgrade 2: Click and ready

The latest version of the ValkKliMax Slide no longer needs to be inserted into the profiles beforehand during assembly. The Slide slip blocks can now be simply clicked and fixed into the profile afterwards, just as you are used to when mounting the standard ValkKliMax.

Watch the ValkKliMax Slide applied in the video below:

What makes ValkKliMax unique?

  • Versatile
    With the ValkKliMax Standard, Slide, Stability and VP+, a suitable variant is available for every screen system.
  • Powerful
    The different types offer resistance up to 3, 6 or 9 kilos. For each type of sliping component, the colour of the spring indicates the resistance from which the component will slip. As a result, the forces on the gable wall can be accurately calculated and there will never be too much force on the greenhouse construction.
  • Light gain
    The ValkKliMax pulls open the screen cloth to the smallest possible cloth package. This, together with the compact design, ensures maximum light gain.
  • Flexible
    24 Hours a day, ValkKliMax adjusts fully automatically to the current stretch and shrinkage of the greenhouse, using after pulses if necessary. This prevents screen gaps (screen closed) and keeps the fabric package smallest (screen open).
  • Durable
    Reducing friction between the moving and fixed parts extends the lifespan, increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs of the screen installation.

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We would be happy to invite you to our office or visit you with the updated ValkDemoCase, in which you can see and assess all the individual components.

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