About us

System supplier since 1963

Van der Valk Horti Systems has been a household name in greenhouse horticulture for many years. In fact, we are the only specialist company to focus exclusively on the development and production of ventilation mechanisms and screen materials. Our systems are literally used everywhere. High-quality components that not only have to get your business booming, but primarily have to keep your business booming. 

The origins of Van der Valk Systemen

Rooted in Westland video

Greenhouses are only getting bigger and more complex. And the thousands of components are, consequently, increasingly hard to access for maintenance. That means that you have to be able to trust them blindly. With this in mind, we at Van der Valk Horti Systems go to extremes in each and every one of our developments.

After all, developing new products and systems is one of our core activities. Every single component stands out for its own specific well thought-out details. On top of that, we will only put our name to products that have been tested thoroughly and approved before they are installed in your greenhouse. Van der Valk Horti Systems, your insurance policy for business continuity.

Why Van der Valk Horti Systems?

  • The world’s only specialist company dedicated exclusively to the development and production of ventilation mechanisms and screen systems
  • In-house engineering and production
  • Innovative systems with unique benefits for growers
  • Fast and reliable supplies thanks to modern machinery and large stocks
  • Technical, commercial, and project support from motivated employees
  • Fast, efficient installation thanks to uniquely crafted and high-quality components
  • System supplier since 1963