ValkCabrioRail | Maximum ventilation capacity

A Cabrio greenhouse combines the benefits of greenhouse cultivation with the benefits of outdoor cultivation. This is, of course, conditional on you being able to open the greenhouse roof fully and stably.

The ValkCabrioRail ventilation mechanism by Van der Valk Horti Systems meets this condition effortlessly. This system sets itself apart from other systems because of the two push/pull tubes arranged either one above the other or next to each other, and because of the unique patented telescope structure for maximum ventilation capacity.

Key system benefits:

  • Increases yields per m2
  • Perfects crop quality
  • Maximum light transmission
  • For all crop types that have to be exposed to the exterior climate
  • Creates ideal growing conditions in local circumstances worldwide

ValkVentDrive: The right drive system for any Venlo greenhouse

With three different drive types to choose from, you will always get the right system for your greenhouse!

Two pull/push tubes one above the other

The screen fits freely against the truss Allows screening on the upper beam Double consoles Guarantees ‘free movement’ of push rods Calculation program calculates the space required between the two sets of push rods

How does it work?

Two push rods move simultaneously on the upper and lower tube. The structure is combined with ValkPushRod window push rods and the ValkStabiMax hinge element.

Two pull/push tubes next to each other

Aluminium Delta window push rods optional Single consoles Symmetrically installed consoles Please note: screening on the upper beam requires the consoles to be raised

How does it work?

Simultaneous movement of steel push tube to the left and right of the truss

Two pull/push tubes next to each other and overlapping greenhouse roof sections

Same as ValkCabrioRail type 3, but with more travel thanks to the asymmetric console positioning Prevents rain entering the greenhouse thanks to overlapping roof sections Please note: screening on the upper beam requires the consoles to be raised

How does it work?

Same as ValkCabrio type 3, but with more travel thanks to the asymmetric console positioning


The ValkCabrioRail ventilation mechanism is calculated completely for each situation using the unique WinTop calculation program, which was developed in partnership with TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.

Based on various variables (the geometry of the roof, the maximum local wind load, the required opening angle, etc.), all factors that may affect the system’s reliability are calculated. Such factors include the required structural strength, clearance between the mechanism and the roof structure, and the position of the rail consoles and rack and pinions.

Read what our partners say about their experiences with our company and our systems.

We can, of course, tell you all about how great our product is, but we prefer to leave that to our partners, who have been using our systems for years.

Customer testimonial

We believe that Van der Valk has the premier greenhouse shade and roof opening systems in the industry. We are very fortunate to be distributors of their product and we have an amazing working relationship with them when it comes to problem solving. Highest recommendation.

Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company

Customer testimonial

‘Thanks to the innovative essence and high-quality products of Van der Valk Horti Systems., we have been able to raise our game in providing our customers with the very best horticulture greenhouses.’

Maurice Kassenbouw

Customer testimonial

‘We promote the “Van der Valk” brand to our customers as a guarantee of the best quality.

Van der Valk’s company structure also matches that of Horconex. This is one of the reasons why we have been working together so well for years (family business, customer-driven, innovative, and reliable).’


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