Sharon | Senior HR Staff member

My name is Sharon, Senior HR Staff member at Van der Valk Systemen. Since March 2022 I have been working in this position, which involves being the contact person regarding HR matters for all employees up to managers. My responsibilities include coordinating, supervising and monitoring (operational) HR processes, as well as supporting back-to-work plans.

Every work day is different, filled with various projects and tasks. Sometimes my day is devoted to current projects, while on other days I go looking for the right training for a colleague, focus on absenteeism, or work on a colleague’s question. The day always begins with a strong cup of coffee, an essential ritual.

A recent project that I am proud of concerns the professionalisation of various processes in the company. Setting up an improvement process for our HR system was a challenge that I already look back on with satisfaction.

What makes my job and working in this field so interesting is our friendly HR team and the constant variety in my tasks. It’s impossible to predict on Monday how the week will go, and that is exciting.

My motivation to work at Van der Valk Systemen derives from my experience with family-run companies. Having grown up in such an environment, I have always preferred organisations with short lines of communication and a focus on the core values. It was a coincidence that I ended up at Van der Valk Systemen, but that the job fits me perfectly is not. 😉

What makes working here so much fun for me is the fact that I love working with people. Let that be the principal core value of Van der Valk Systemen! I also appreciate the fine colleagues and the opportunities to grow with the company.