Vincent | R&D Manager

My name is Vincent, Research & Development Manager at Van der Valk Systemen. I lead the R&D team and work on product development at Van der Valk Systemen.

Thanks to the multifaceted nature of my job, my work days are extremely varied. The work I do includes distributing work across my team, research, generating solutions, sketching and 3D drawing, making demos, testing, reporting, maintaining contact with customers and suppliers, and creating item numbers. In short, no day is ever the same.

Over the years, there have been changes in our work. The programs and machines we use are under development and Van der Valk Horti Systems is growing. Where we used to make demos by hand, we now use the latest 3D printers, for example.

We recently worked on the development of a new 2-inch pivoting disc plate. As the screen systems got bigger and their use became more intensive, the old shaft bearing was simply not good enough anymore. The shaft bearing cut into the shaft and the closed shape made the shaft difficult to install. The improved 2-inch pivoting disc plate has more and differently positioned bearings to prevent them from cutting into the shaft, and it can be split into various sections for easy installation.

The R&D team is constantly working to improve current solutions and develop new products and systems. Finding a solution and turning it into a saleable product is what I love the most about my work.

On 14 February 2019, I celebrated my 12.5-year work anniversary and I hope to reach my silver jubilee as well!