Ihab | Production Manager

As a Production Manager, my job is to ensure that everyone knows what to do and enjoys their work, allowing them to continue developing themselves.

I make certain that production orders reach the team leaders and operators, and that there is a proper layout to ensure enough variety. Additionally, I find it important to be actively involved with my colleagues, addressing breakdowns and problems, and motivating them to perform their work better and with more pleasure.

In this position, I feel responsible for the development of individuals. It is crucial that the atmosphere is positive, and morale remains high. With these elements in place, the company runs like a well-oiled machine. Over the years I've been here, I've witnessed significant growth in the company and, as a result, have had the opportunity to mentor many new colleagues, which is, of course, great fun.

At the age of 18, I started at Van der Valk Systemen as a general assembly assistant. Showing initiative and collaborating with others is valued here, instilling the confidence to grow. I have now been with Van der Valk Systemen for over 17 years, having operated all the machines and currently leading a fantastic group of people.

The remarkable aspect of this company is its mentality: you can always consult with anyone, at any level. People here are not just numbers but real individuals who treat each other with respect.