Ahmed (Joey) | Warehouse Manager

My name is Ahmed, Logistics Shipping Manager at Van der Valk Systemen in Monster. My job is rather difficult to describe in one sentence.

First of all, I do the order picking of small items together with my colleagues. When the larger items of an order are ready, we conduct checks and do the sealing. We are subsequently involved with every truck that comes for loading (or unloading) and are the first and last contact points for the drivers. Stock management is also an important part of my job. I ensure that the stock is updated and that articles can be found in the right quantities in the right place.

I used to do this all on my own, but now our team has expanded greatly. The work has also changed a lot. We used to write a lot down by hand. Now we work with barcodes, and much has been automated. Because of the expansion we are constantly busy making the most efficient and professional use of the space. We even rent other warehouses and have added a location in Den Hoorn.

I really enjoy my work and have been enjoying it for years, I feel at home here. I am constantly on the move and cannot imagine sitting at a desk all day. I also get along well with everyone. I like the Valk motto of always striving for 10 out of 10. That’s in my nature, too.

The atmosphere here is very good. I enjoy helping new colleagues get oriented. After all, the more secure they feel, the stronger we are as a team.