Ahmed (Joey) | Warehouse Manager

My job as Warehouse Manager at Van der Valk is actually quite hard to capture in one sentence.

First of all, my colleagues and I take care of the order picking for small materials. When the large materials for an order are also ready to go, we check and seal them. We deal with every single lorry that comes to load (or unload) goods here, and we are the first and last point of contact for drivers. Stock management is also an important part of my job. Making sure the stock is correct and that the right number of items are available from the right location.

I used to do all of that by myself, but there are eight of us now. The work has changed a lot. We used to write a lot down by hand in the past. Now we use bar codes and a lot of it has been automated. The company’s growth also means that we are constantly working on making the most efficient and professional use of the available space. We are currently actually renting additional buildings.

I’ve been enjoying my job for a long time now and I just feel at home here. I’m constantly on the move and can’t imagine myself working at a desk all day. On top of that, I also get along very well with everyone. I love the Valk motto of always going for a 10 out of 10. That’s also my mindset.

The atmosphere is very good here. I like helping new colleagues who haven’t quite got the hang of everything yet. After all, the stronger they are, the stronger we are as a team.