A colourful message

As of today, we have changed the colour of our ValkKliMax Slide slip blocks.

  • At the ValkKliMax Slide 6 kg slip block, we've replaced the traditional blank spring with a new blue spring.
  • At the ValkKliMax Slide 9 kg slip block, we've replaced the traditional red spring with a new black spring.

This change makes the ValkKliMax Slide slip blocks more visually distinct from the standard ValkKliMax slip blocks.

This eliminates the possibility of mixing various springs during assembly and allows us to better indicate the correct ValkKliMax on assembly drawings. Thus, installers can easily see which ValkKliMax should be mounted where.

More differentiated but with the same trusted function

The ValkKliMax raises screen system controllability and effectiveness to the maximum level, both when it comes to opening and closing the screen cloth and when it comes to regulating moisture gaps.

The ValkKliMax ensures perfect closure in all situations, extremely uniform moisture gaps, and the smallest possible cloth package.  

  • The most powerful of its kind with 3, 6, or 9 kilograms of resistance.
  • First aligns screen profiles for uniform moisture gaps or even heat.
  • Guarantees controlled forces on the greenhouse structure.
  • Delivers light gains thanks to compact structure.

Various versions for maximum applicability.

Order now?

Yes you can! 

  • 444035 - ValkKliMax 6 kg blank spring 
  • 444036 - ValkKliMax 9 kg red spring
  • 444045 - ValkKliMax Slide 6 kg blue spring 
  • 444046 - ValkKliMax Slide 9 kg black spring