René | Production Assistant

In my role of Production Assistant, I operate a large machine that works aluminium (and sometimes steel) tubes. Cutting, pressing, bending, punching, reinforcing, affixing item codes, the machine does it all. And it is all customised to each specific project. What I do is make sure the machine is set up so that the right product for the right project comes out at the other end.

On an average work day, I work through my orders based on production slips. There is a week schedule, but also a day schedule with rush orders. I try to schedule it all so that the machine runs optimally. This means that I’m often preparing an order while the previous one is being produced. Of course, I always stay in control of what is being produced. I also keep an ear out for unusual sounds. Whenever something is not running smoothly in the machine, I hear it right away.

What I like about my work is the independence and the hustle and bustle around me. I work in a lot of different places. Planning, converting, bundling, preparing, checking, improvising. Scheduling everything in way that ensures we’re making the most of our time and material. Showing new guys the ropes is also something I like to do.

I’ve been working here officially for 36 years now. I’ve seen a lot of new colleagues join over that period, but everyone is equally nice. The colleagues here are generous towards each other and always willing to lend a hand where necessary. So, providing they won’t get sick of me, I’d like to keep working here until my retirement!