NEW! ValkCavity 2.0

What is the ValkCavity 2.0?

Saving energy is key for growers, with the aim of reducing costs, sustainable operations, compliance and flexibility in a changing market. This strategic approach benefits both their bottom line and the environment, and has wider benefits for society. At Van der Valk Horti Systems, we further developed an existing cavity screen, resulting in the innovative ValkCavity 2.0 Gavity Screen.

The ValkEnergyVision 1.0 Gavity Screen has both screen cloths mounted to the same screen profile, driven by one motor.

The difference

In contrast, the ValkCavity 2.0 Gavity Screen uses two screen profiles a short distance apart, each driven by its own motor. This offers more control options, allowing growers to fine-tune the screens more precisely to their specific needs in terms of moisture and energy. As a result, growers are better able to optimise growing conditions for crops and improve energy efficiency.

With the ValkCavity 2.0 Gavity Screen, the top screen fabric can be controlled as growers are used to. When energy demand increases, the lower screen fabric is closed. When the sun rises and energy demand decreases, the lower screen cloth can be opened without letting cold air in, minimising heat loss. This reduces energy consumption and reduces heating costs.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, the cavity screen in horticultural greenhouses is a versatile feature that helps create optimal growing conditions for crops, saves energy and optimises the greenhouse climate. This contributes to efficient and healthy crop production, while also having positive effects on finances and the environment.

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