Kwekerij Overgaag

Kwekerij Overgaag is a family-run business that specialises in growing red peppers, which they do at three sites across the Westland area.


Fitter Peter van der Valk (El Flaco): ‘Quality is our prerequisite. Systems have to last the entire service life of a greenhouse. Valk products just don’t break and that means we save a lot on maintenance. Van der Valk also joins our thought process on smart solutions. We have, for example, made special plates here to be able to install two safety chucks, one underneath the other. This makes assembly easier and looks tidier in the greenhouse.’

John adds: ‘What is also ideal is that Valk products are available everywhere. If a fitter goes out of business, you can still get the same materials elsewhere.’

Peter van der Valk (left) & John Overgaag