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GreenTech will be held from June 13-15, 2023 at RAI Amsterdam and is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticultural technology.

In this mailing we give you some good reasons to visit our booth 01.100 and the opportunity to combine your visit with a visit to our new demo greenhouse.

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Are you a screen installer in Poly greenhouses?

Then you are repeatedly facing a challenge. How do you assemble the best system from the huge range of items available? What’s the right choice, for yourself and for the grower?

With ValkPoly+ we offer you one complete system: high-quality hardware at a competitive price incl. free, user-friendly software.

In our booth there will be a demo of the system. Together with the accompanying videos and flyer, you can see exactly what ValkPoly+ is all about. And while you're there: ask us about realized projects worldwide!

Design your own Poly project!

With the ValkHortiPlanner, developed by us, you can easily and quickly calculate your own project. Create an account, fill in the project data and customize your floorplan. Are you ready? Then download the bill of materials and the project report with a single click. Ideal to take to your customer!

Curious how this works or would you like to try it yourself? Our specialists on the booth will be happy to show you.

New: Explore our demo greenhouse 

The development of new products and systems is a core activity for us. Each component distinguishes itself with its own well thought-out details. Products are extensively tested and approved by us in our demo greenhouse at our Monster location, before they are introduced into the greenhouse.

Would you like to take a closer look at this? Then combine your visit to the GreenTech with a visit to our demo greenhouse and make an appointment below right away!

Systems for Venlo Greenhouses

Of course, our systems for Venlo greenhouses are not forgotten. After all, the yield of a crop depends to a large extent on the ventilation mechanism and screen system used. 

In the booth we will show you everything about the different systems and their possibilities. 

Just a few of our strong brands in a row:

Ventilation mechanisms
 ValkTrussRail Better climate control, more energy savings, higher CO² dosage, less maintenance
 ValkTwinRail Ideal with smaller greenhouse zones, with the use of insect netting or crops that need more cooling
 ValkCabrioRail          Combines the benefits of greenhouse cultivation with the advantages of outdoor cultivation 


Screen installations
 ValkScreenVision 2.0 Makes screen insertion faster, safer, cleaner and more flexible for crop and installer
 ValkScreenVision 1.0 Future-proof: suitable for traditional screening and prepared for advanced screening
 ValkClip Tried-and-tested low-budget system and the precursor of next-generation screening

Will we see you at our beautiful booth? The coffee is ready!