Product Update | PVC Clip pipe

We would like to inform you about an important upgrade of our PVC Clip pipe. All the details about this upgrade are given below!

Why do we need an upgrade?

The world of horticultural technology never stands still. And we are all too aware that our customers can be faced with new challenges as a result. Modern greenhouse environments, like semi-closed greenhouses or greenhouses with advanced types of glass, impose new requirements on the materials to be used.

We have also noticed that the inside temperature of new constructions can rise quite high, for example when the ventilation systems are out of operation as the screen system is being installed. The heat resistance of PVC materials, like the PVC Clip pipe, is severely tested at such times.

What does the PVC Clip pipe do exactly?

Let’s go back to the basis. At the end of a screen installation there are two steel wires. They have the following jobs to do:

  • The upper wire guides the screen surplus, which ensures that there is enough screen material available to compensate for the expansion and contraction of the greenhouse.
  • The lower wire guides the sealing strip, which in turn prevents light escaping, light entering, warming or heat loss at the side ends.
    However, the friction between the screen and the steel wires leads to damaging the screen. To prevent this, the PVC Clip pipe is clamped around the steel wire.

This leads to:

  • Increasing the angle that the screen surplus and the sealing strip hang over the steel wire, which prevents wear and tear
  • Securing the fixing of the sealing strip to the steel wire.

What's new?

After careful research by the R&D Department, we have developed a PVC pipe that complies with all of the latest requirements.

In contrast to its predecessor, which could withstand temperatures to a maximum limit of 70°C, our new variant can tolerate heat up to 90°C!

This allows the pipe to function even under the most challenging conditions without you, the installer or grower, having to worry about warping or reduction in performance.

What does it cost?

It’s less than you might expect! This new version is very affordable, just €0.10 gross per meter more than the old version!
We are convinced that this upgrade will give you operational safety and make your system more future-proof.

We are happy to answer any questions of course and help you incorporate this new clip pipe into your particular situation.

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