New features in the ValkHortiPlanner!

The ValkHortiPlanner calculation tool lets you calculate the price of a ValkPoly+ screen system for your poly greenhouse in no time. In order to make it as easy to use as possible for growers, we keep investing in developing new features for this software.

It is, for example, now also possible to calculate a screen system for poly greenhouses without a suspension tube!

How? Find out in this update.

With or without?

A specific calculation for your situation with one click of a mouse 
A poly greenhouse screen system without a suspension tube is different from a screen system in a greenhouse with a suspension tube. You now have the option in the ValkHortiPlanner to plan a screen system for both a poly greenhouse with a suspension tube and a poly greenhouse without a suspension tube.

After selecting this option and filling in the other information, the ValkHortiPlanner will as always calculate all the materials for the screen system that you will need for your project!

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Improved indication of different section sizes
It was already possible to draw different size sections (also known as panels) in your project. You can use this feature when one or several section(s) are smaller or when, for example, your greenhouse has a rainwater drainage system. If your project includes such a smaller section, the planner will automatically factor the required materials into the calculation.

With this update, this is now also clearly indicated by putting a red circle around the section in question. This indication is shown in both the drawing environment of the ValkHortiPlanner and in the floor plan you can download.


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