Ready for the future with ValkScreenVision 1.0

One system, two choices

Entrepreneurship is about looking ahead. But no one can really see into the future, so how do you prepare properly? How do you ensure that your investment fits the current situation, but also offers opportunities for the future?

That question was central to the development of our new screen system: ValkScreenVision 1.0. The screen profile of this system can be used for 'screening' in both traditional and advanced ways. Thus, a good investment!

Want to know more? Read on quickly!

Cloth clips or cloth strips?

ValkScreenVision 1.0 is a semi-advanced screen system developed to replace the ValkTriplePlus system. All the advantages of VTP remain, but VSV 1.0 adds an important advantage: future-proofing.

The ValkScreenProfile in this installation offers the possibility of attaching screens with cloth clips, but is also prepared for the advanced insertion of screens with cloth strips.

The benefits

Growers can still opt for the fully advanced system at a later date, without purchasing and installing new screen profiles. Installers only need to stock one type of profile for different applications. Light gain, flexibility, durability, fewer installation operations, shorter on-site assembly time.

Want to order right away?

Yes you can! The screen profile is available as of now in widths of 22, 35 and 50 mm and in various lengths.

Other unique components

Attaching screen cloth
The screen is attached to the profile with the specially developed ValkScreenClip VSV 1.0. This clips the screen into the 'cloth stripping chamber' of the profile and is very easy to install. 

Coupling profiles
Coupling of the ValkScreenProfile VSV 1.0 can be done using the universal aluminum Coupling plate ( 440510) and the stainless steel Alignment clip ( 452246).

Attaching the screen to the ValkScreenProfile with the ValkScreenClip

In a nutshell

▶ Disappears from the range

ValkScreenVision 1.0
▶ Manually attaching screen with cloth clips
▶ Prepared for insertion of screen with cloth strips 

ValkScreenVision 2.0
▶ Complete system for 'automatic' insertion of screen with cloth strips.