Renato | Technical Buyer

For nearly two years now, I’ve been working as a technical buyer and been co-responsible for procurement of and negotiations on material and goods (such as bolts, nuts, aluminium, and steel) for the factory.

My work day generally starts around 7.30am. It still fairly quiet at that time and I can complete certain tasks uninterrupted. I check my email and try to filter out the ones that require urgent action, such as when an order has to be delivered sooner than initially planned. Luckily, we have a very handy system here that tells us what goods to order. Based on what the system indicates, I start requesting quotes from various suppliers and negotiate with them to get the best price and delivery time. If we reach an agreement, I place the order.

Once the goods have arrived, I conduct random checks to see if they meet our quality requirements and our order specifications. It sometimes happens that they don’t meet the requirements or were damaged in transit, or something like that. When that happens, it’s my job to report it to the supplier along with photos and an account of our findings.

My job as buyer is very dynamic and has a lot of common ground with other departments within our organisation. One moment, I’m in the factory talking about the material/tools they need, the next I’m sat at a table with the general manager to discuss the current state of affairs. The great thing about my field is being involved in procurement and negotiating the best possible price for the organisation. It’s a bit like checking out package holiday deals and booking one. The satisfaction you get when you seal a good deal!

What I love about this company is that the board/management is not shut away in an ivory tower. They are always up for a business discussion or a chat. The fun things are, of course, Friday afternoon drinks or outings with colleagues and their families. At this company, I feel at one with the organisation and, therefore, a member of the family. I feel at home here!